Thursday, March 31, 2022


 A colosus and a Kingdom giant has exited the scene. The curtain has fallen as yet another General leaves the center stage. The inevitable for everyone has come as the chariot of fire, accompanied by the angels of God, to take home a gallant soldier who fought a good fight of faith till the very end. Adieu Pa Obiora on in the bossom of your dear Lord.

My encounter with this great man of God remains indelible. I remembered it was the summer of 1989 at the Scripture Union Camp Meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. My friend, Nnamdi McBenson (of blessed memory) and I had just given our lives to Christ shortly before then under different circumstances. We were brimming with passion and zeal for the things of God. Every opportunity for us to know God more was seriously treasured. So, when the invitation came for us to attend the Scripture Union Camp Meeting we grabbed it with both hands (our four hands!). We looked forward with excitement at the prospect of being blessed by an array of seasoned men of God that had been scheduled to speak at the Camp Meeting.

All the speakers blessed us at the meeting, but of memorable note for me was Rev. O. Ezekiel, who spoke on "Behold, He Cometh".  That message had a very strong impact on my life (and still does till today). He broke down escathology, referencing scriptures with relevant world happenings at that time. He made us see the accuracy and authenticity of scripture prophecies, especially regarding the end time. That message in particular gave me a strong fascination for the study of the last days - a passion I still relish till date.

That first encounter with this great servant of God deepened my walk with God. I left the Camp Meeting fully persuaded that my hands have been laid on the plough, and looking back was never an option. The impartation of that day is still driving the passion for kingdom business, giving the impetus to forge on still.

Thank you for significantly impacting my life. Thank you for allowing God use you. Thank you for all the sacrifice and love for God and His people. Thank you for a worthy life of commitment and sacrifice. Thank you for showing many like me the way. Thank you for serving your generation by the will of God.

My heartfelt condolences to Mummy Mercy, the immediate family and the CPM Family worldwide. May the Lord strengthen you all and make you ready for His coming  

Rest on God's own General! Rest on father to many!! We shall see on resurrection morning in Jesus' name.

Eternal regards,

Pastor Emmanel Obu

Apostle of Joy

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