Friday, August 10, 2018


Giving is an established principle in the Bible as a guaranteed way to be blessed by God. It is a proof of our trust and surrender to God. As much as I know that there are charlatans out there who are interested in fleecing the flocks rather than feeding them, I still believe giving to the course of the gospel is one guaranteed way of being blessed. Whatever explanation we give sometimes to 'blessing' is our personal interpretation. Blessing is very loaded and it includes the body, soul and spirit realms.

Giving to the church or the man of God is one or two ways of the many other ways we are expected to give. We are expected to also give to the poor and the needy, and to further courses that are beneficial to mankind. Who and what we give to are really not limited - it is very instructive to be led by  the Spirit of God on how to do this. It shouldn't be done by compulsion; and one shouldn't be coerced  into it. The Bible strongly recommend that everyone should give as they purpose in their hearts to do so (2Cor.9:7).

Truth is, there is no way we give to God and for His course that we won't be blessed. Giving is a guaranteed principle to kingdom prosperity. Those who are on social media campaigning and discouraging people from giving are actually enemies of the gospel. The devil knows the power of giving, so the assault and the attack. His real intentions are clear to those who are spiritual.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the media would have said today if a prophet went to a poor widow and requested for her to sacrifice her last meal? A meal that was barely enough for her and her son? It will go viral on every social media handle. Imagine the headline: *PROPHET TRICKS POOR WIDOW OUT OF HER LAST MEAL.* This was exactly what Elijah did with a poor widow in Zarephath (1Kings 17:7-16).

I personally think this issue about giving is so clear in scriptures. If you are not persuaded or convinced to give, then keep your money. God doesn't force people against their will. I am not also sure that any of these pastors being criticised has forced anybody. If they do, then their judgment is just before them. You have every right to do with your money whatever you are convinced to do. Believers should be spirit-led, not emotion-led. If we are truly led by the Spirit of  God, it will be very easy to spot infidels, whose God is their belly (Phil.3:19).

I would love to encourage believers to know the word of God for themselves (Mark 12:24; Mat.22:29). Our knowledge of God's word will minimise our being casualties in the hands of false teachers and prophets. If you are armed with the truth for yourself there won't be any need to be running from pillar to post, seeking solution from where there is none. Why run to men who have same access to God as you? You are the greatest prophet of your life and the word of God is the surest word of prophecy for you (2Pet.1:19). I think when people don't live right, they will be seeking a reroute to God.

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