Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer of Petition

1 John 5:14, NKJV
”Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”

We shall continue in our prayer series, and today we hope to treat the subject of Prayer of Petition.

Most people know, and believe that prayer is an integral part of a fulfilled Christian life. What some people do not know, however, is that there are different types of prayers for different situations, and the Prayer of Petition is one of the most effective form of prayer when it comes to bringing about quick changes in your life, especially if you need the answer fast.
Generally, there are 3 main categories of prayers. Firstly, there is the prayer that changes things. There is also the prayer of thanksgiving, as well as the prayer of dedication. The prayer of petition belong to the first category (also the prayer of agreement that we looked at last week belong here).

Perhaps you are facing a financial crisis, maybe you need to restore a broken relationship, or perhaps you need an outright healing miracle. Whatever it is, if you have a need, God has the answer for it, and the petition prayer is the best way to co-operate with God and receive what He has in store for you.

So How Do You Pray A Prayer Of Petition?
Well, it can be as simple as stating your situation to God, and agreeing with what the Word of God says about it. A petition prayer, simply put, is a formal request to God regarding a situation you need help with.

However, the mistake most people make, is that they simply keep stating how bad their plight is, and attempt to plead God into taking action. Yet, this kind of prayer rarely, if ever, brings about results. To put it in a very simple form someone said, “quit telling God how big your problems are but tell the problems how big your God is”.

God’s Word says that when you pray, you should pray in confidence that God hears you, and that He will answer you as long as you pray according to His will. Also, be convinced in your heart that God is able and willing to help you out of your predicaments when you take the situation to Him in petition.

The secret in the prayer of petition is that you must be ready to plead your case before Him (Ish.41:21). Remember the Importunate Woman in Luke 18:1-8 and Hezekiah in 2Kings 19:14-20; 20:1-6.

It paints a picture of a Law Court. The attorneys must be able to make a case before the judge on behalf of their clients. They must plead their case with convincing evidences backed up with the right application of the constitution and precedence to sway the judgment in their favour. Where the reasons are not strong enough, the case is obviously lost. The same principle applies to the prayer of petition.

So What Is God’s Will?
God wants you to be Saved, Healthy, Prosperous, and Happy. Therefore, whenever you make a petition, never doubt the Will of God. It IS His Will to heal you, prosper you, and give you the desires of your heart. Therefore, when you pray, you should pray with utter and complete confidence that your prayer is answered. And like we said earlier believe that God is able and willing to help you.

If you will just focus on this one Truth, you will find that more and more of your petitions are answered, and in shorter and shorter time spans.

What Makes It So Powerful?
The power of a Prayer of Petition lies in 3 major sources:
1) The Name of Jesus
2) The Word of God
3) The Holy Spirit

Firstly, when Jesus gave you the right to use His name, he gave you more than just a cliché way to end a prayer. Remember, the Name of Jesus is above ALL other names. This means that no matter what the name of your problem is, be it ‘debt’, ‘sickness’, ‘depression’, or any other condition, it is still subjugated to the Name of Jesus (Phi.2:10). And just as Jesus calmed the storm, you too can create peace out of any problem you are facing by using the Name of Jesus.

On top of that, God has also clearly stated out His Will to help you in His Word. Whatever your situation is, take a look into the Bible, and I’m sure you will be able to find relevant verses that speak to your situation and show you how God has promised to deliver you from your problem. God has said that His Word will not return to Him void. By agreeing with His Word, you are in effect providing the faith necessary to make it come to pass in your own life (Heb.4:12).

Lastly, the Holy Spirit is always present to help you and give you both the utterance and power for your prayer. In fact, it is the Holy Spirit that gives power to the Words of your prayer, and make it real in your life (Rom.8:26-27).

Remember, God has already answered your prayer of petition through Jesus’ work. Will you give Him enough credit to take Him at His Word?

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