Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nurture Your Dreams Into Reality

Every plantation begins with a seed; and every great life begins with a dream (Job 8:7). Life operates by the seed-faith principle (John 12:24). Dreams are like seeds that can only survive when they are rightly and deliberately cultivated. Dreams are not enough, cultivating them is the key. Dreams are not just enough, we need to learn how to nurture those dreams into reality.

The kingdom of God operates in direct contrast to the kingdom of the world. Like Rod Parsley will usually say that “the kingdom of God is diametrically opposed to the kingdom of the world”. In God's kingdom, the way up is down. The only way to grow strong and tall is to have a deep root. You can only succeed when you learn how to function in life through the application of the principles of God's Kingdom to life.

How can you nurture your dreams into reality? How can anyone bring to life and physical manifestation his/her dreams in life? This is what we intend to answer by this article.

1. Acknowledge that God is the giver of dreams, and that through Him we have the grace for the fulfillment of dreams (Pro.3:5-6; 30:5).
It is a shame today that we have grown with so much narcissism and self-centeredness that we have left out God in our pursuits, convincing ourselves that we can do it all on our own.

Many motivational speakers today have not helped the matter - they have built a voracious appetite for self-seeking ambition. A lot of people do not know the difference between ambition and vision (this we hope to treat in the future edition).

2. Your Obedience will commit God's integrity.
Obedience guarantees success in life (Ish.1:19). We cannot always want it our way and think we can make so much of a success out of life. There are established principles in life that the Maker of all things have put in place for us to work with. When we avoid the wisdom of God, we risk failures in life.

The systems of this world has proven to us that there is nothing here - it is simply characterised by failures. The current global economic recession is a proof that when men seek their ways, failure is very imminent. Let us go back to our Maker and Creator!

3. Your Love For God is critical to becoming whatever you dream to be.
When you have your root in His love, you have stepped your feet on the realm of His ever-increasing life (Ps.97:10). You cannot have a heart for God and not make a mark on earth. This truth has been voiced over and again by ministers of God from one generation to another.

Truth is many who influenced and changed their world were people who touched a cord in God’s heart. They were people who simply reechoed what was in God’s heart.

When you win His heart, He makes available His best for you. The quality of your love for Him determines the quality of your destiny (Pro.8:17,21).

What I tell a lot of people who are in pursuit of happiness in life is very simple, and would love to also share it with you: “When God becomes your priority for living, prosperity becomes your lifestyle.”

4. Learn to be a Sower by nature.
Your dreams were given to you not for your own sake but because God sees an opportunity for many people too to find definition through the right expression of your dreams.

The life of Joseph is always an excitement and a motivation for me personally. He saw an opportunity to invest his life for his generation, and generations yet unborn. Listen to what this great man said in Genesis 45:5: “Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life”.

No prayer for prosperity get answered until you become a sower and a giver in life (Gen.8:22; Pro.11:24; Eccl.11:1-4).

Every spiritual investment will go into an eternal record. God never ignores the good we do to the people around us. He definitely will not forget your good deeds either.

5. Your Environment should not determine your success.
Don't mistake your condition for your portion. Understand your portion through the revelation of His word so that you can deal adequately with your condition. I believe in environmental possibilism rather than environmental determinism - “I have what it takes to influence my environment.”

6. God delights in Diligence.
Stop fantasizing about prosperity; put your hands in a venture. Until you work, you are not fit to eat (Pro.19:15; 22:13,29). Even Jesus, our perfect example worked (Jn.9:4)!

When God created man He created him to work (Gen.2:15 - “And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it”).

7. Learn to water your dream seed with Praise.
Until you become a man of praise, you cannot become a praise on earth. Praise releases the forces of prosperity into every seed (Ps.67:5-7; Pro.18:20; Heb.13:15).

Praise is a spiritual device that provokes God's action. Praise is a sacrifice that reaches God's heart and causes Him to use his hands (Jer.33:11).

Many dreams lack the presence of the Giver, so they lack the ability to produce results. I encourage you to allow God into your dreams in life.

My dear reader, the summary of all that we have shared here is that dreams are not just enough, you must learn to cultivate them with these principles outlined above. As you do so, I guarantee to see you at the top.

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